Kolmi Group Consulting LTD was established by the co-founders of the France-based WOOGROUP S.A. to enable private investors to invest in the development of WOOGROUP S.A. working in partnership throughout the world. 

Kolmi Group Consulting LTD has the Exclusive Representative Mandate signed with WOOGROUP S.A. in order to search for and negotiate with investors in 15 countries of the former C.E.I., and to offer private clients around the world the unique opportunity to invest in WOOGROUP’s projects.

Here is what the founders of WOOGROUP S.A. say:

"We've gone through 4 major monetary revolutions. Money is a key stage of the global economic history. 

The first monetary revolution occurred in the early human history: we mean Barter . A physical item was a medium of exchange reflecting the value of the goods or services. 

The second
revolution took place the ancient times with the introduction of Metallic Money.

The third
one resulted from the creation of the first banks in the 17th century and emergence of Non-cash Money.

Today, at the dawn of the 21st century, we are at the beginning of the fourth monetary revolution of Digital Money.

Nevertheless, our systemised and intellectual world, money exchange still remains a difficult, restricted and expensive operation associated with the risk of forgery (of checks, credit cards, etc.).

Therefore, we have reviewed our functional model and offered a SIMPLE, VERSATILE, SAFE and ACCESSIBLE system."


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