The mission of Kolmi Group Consulting Limited is to provide financial and information services both for professional and individual investors. We represent WooGroup S.A., our exclusive partner.

WooGroup is a French and American business bringing together international level experts in an ambitious project aimed to facilitate public access to the market of money transfers, currency exchange and banking services.  

In order to help our clients to create an automatic passive income source and to meet the needs of our customers in an efficient and convenient use of personal income in the nearest future, the company offers an extra service by obtaining a VISA cards and access to your money 24 hours a day . VISA cards are accepted worldwide by more than 170 countries.

VISA - is safe and easy to store and to use the money!

Money transfer transactions are being carried out all over the world day and night!

In 2009, 280 million emigrants in the world transferred to each other about 604 billion US dollars. According to IFAD (the International Fund for Agricultural Development), another 40% to 70% of money was transferred by using off-the-record systems. Therefore, we have a market worth more than 1 trillion US dollars a year

According to the UNO data, this huge figure may increase several times in the nearest 10 years.

Besides, the current money transfers within countries (excluding currency exchange operations) have already reached 2.4 trillion US dollars.

However, the rate of growth of the existing banking model cannot cover even 50% of the Earth’s population in the next 10 years. It means that more than half of the inhabitants of our planet did not and will not have access to banking services. 

As a partner of WooGroup S.A., with which we have signed a cooperation agreement, and before the beginning of this ambitious advertising campaign, Kolmi Group Consulting Limited may not mention the names of most of its partners and contractors.

Since its foundation in November 2008 WooGroup S.A. has been working hard to create a new money transfer system based on electronic payment and brick and mortar Financial Kiosks.

The company aims to increase the value of its assets in the year 2015 at least up to 200 million Euro.

WooGroup SA share quotations on French stock market.

Since January 28, 2009 the shares of WooGroup S.A. have been successfully listed on French stock market EURO-NYSE . Quote code: FR 0010701391 – MLWOO.

From January 28 to June 19, 2009 the quotation growth was 206.36%. The company’s exchange-traded capital amounts to EUR 46,780.00.The listings have been suspended in order to divide the number of the shares to increase the demand.

By the end of 2010, the company issued 4,797,500 shares. The listings will be renewed on a more ambitious financial market, and this time the shares will adorn NASDAQ, the world’s largest stock exchange. Some unexpected delay were nevertheless necessary in order to get a better technical solution.

All of the above steps bring WooGroup S.A. nearer to the world market of money transfers as a large and innovative company offering competitive rates.

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