The idea of WooGroup’s services: access to funds in order to optimize and streamline the existing situation.

Means: any existing or newly created, accessible and safe electronic digital channel.

Promise: to provide anyone, anywhere and anytime with an opportunity to use money in an Easy, Versatile and Safe way. 

Wooneo is reinventing the money concept.

Wooneo is the first comprehensive solution: multi-channel, featuring a range of technologies and designed for ALL categories of people. This is a rational transition from the part of the world which uses banking services very actively (Nordic countries) to the part which never or rarely uses them (Southern countries). 

In English, woo means "to seek the support of". In our daily lives we spend a great time to Woo money ! And people asking us to send them money are “ wooing Money “ !... 

Wooneo is based on the idea of movement, speed and modernity.

Finally, we have money transfer services at hand...!

We are sure that very soon in all languages we’ll hear "Send me a Woo" or “ Woo me some money “. instead of "send/transfer me some money"!

You have a hand, a mobile phone, a plastic card... so you can do a Woo, too!

Therefore, WooGroup invents the money transfer at arm’s length.

Given the internet technology progress, mobile communication opportunities and the inexhaustible potential of biometrics and nanotechnologies: WooGroup does not invent anything but optimizes what already exists in an obvious and logical way linking traditions and modernity

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